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Image of Fox 3

Fox 3"


Image of Fox w/detail

Fox w/detail


Image of Bear Family Scene

Bear Family Scene


Image of Bear w/Fish Medium

Bear w/Fish Medium


Image of Moose Medium Detailed

Moose Medium Detailed


Image of Small Box w/carvings Detailed

Small Box w/carvings Detailed


Image of Snake Cane

Snake Cane


Image of Buffalo Turning Medium

Buffalo Turning Medium


Image of Buffalo Turning X-Small

Buffalo Turning X-Small


Image of Buffalo Turning Small

Buffalo Turning Small


Image of Buffalo Turning Mini

Buffalo Turning Mini


Image of Candle Holders

Candle Holders


Image of Mini Flower w/heart base

Mini Flower w/heart base


Image of Box w/carvings

Box w/carvings


Image of Flying Eagle

Flying Eagle


Image of Cup and Ball Toy Lg

Cup and Ball Toy Lg


Image of Cup and Ball Small

Cup and Ball Small


Image of Horse Standing Small

Horse Standing Small


Image of Horse Standing Med.

Horse Standing Med.


Image of Squirrel Small w/nut

Squirrel Small w/nut


Image of Dice Small

Dice Small


Image of Dice Med

Dice Med


Image of Dice Lg

Dice Lg


Image of Hummingbird on Base

Hummingbird on Base


Image of Coasters



Image of Boots Lg

Boots Lg


Image of AB Clip On Earrings

AB Clip On Earrings


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